It's been years since I cooked bacon. It's delicious but I forgot what a ferocious stink it makes!

Last night all the stores were closed except for the Wawa gas-convenience store. So for tomorrow’s 2016 breakfast eggs, an apple, OJ, some cheddar… oh it’s bacon! Been a while…hum… bacon. Sweet memories. Ok get some bacon!

Oh my God! I now have all the windows open and that acrid hog urine tinge stink is still floating in the air!

Christ! Cough! Yum! Crunch! Nom! Christ!

Acrid hog urine tinge stink?! It’s bacon. The early-morning “what is this heavenly scent I just woke up to” feeling is the whole point!

(To be fair, I’ve been around people who re-microwave old bacon fat, and that smell, while very bacon-y, is disgusting. But frying? Nah.)

You did something wrong. Are you sure you fried up the right part?

Bacon is Nature’s air freshener.

Preach it!

Yes the bacon was perfect and very crispy the way I like it. This requires having the bacon roast itself in it’s own grease as it cooks and as this happens things get pretty smoky near the end. I will tolerate no limpness or gelatinous fat on my bacon. It’s fried to a perfect brown crispy crunch.

Well if you burned it to a crisp, of course it’ll stink. Bacon should be lightly cripsy at most, but I like mine nice and tender and juicey. My mother likes her’s burnt, which can reek.

Otherwise, the smell of bacon cooking is heavenly.

Rachel Ray does hers in the oven; maybe that would be less smoky.

Me, I agree that the smell of bacon is divine. Our Xmas dinner contained a porchetta pork roast wrapped in bacon from Trader Joe’s. Our house was filled with the smell of porky goodness for two days. Mmmmm.

Bacon? Good god, the most enticing smell ever. If they made a perfume that smelled like frying bacon men would follow women around like dogs, drooling.

You mean they don’t?

I like mine crispy too, but there’s a super-fine line between crispy and burnt, and the instant you cross that line, it smells terrible, like burnt hair. For the last thirty seconds or so, you have to watch and flip the bacon a lot.

Cooked bacon smells okay. Cooked maple bacon smells stomach turning and lingers for days.

I believe the OP must have purchased Beggin’ Stripsand cooked them. There is no way that the heavenly orgasmic aroma of freshly cooked bacon would bother a real human. The OP might be an alien planted among us humans to prepare for a takeover, or perhaps so overcome by the sheer joy of life with the presence of bacon that he fell and struck his head and is now hallucinating. These are the only possible explanations for the absurd concept expressed in the OP.

Most bacon when cooked in quantity has (to me) a very obvious, sometimes overpowering urine note or “glandy” smell. This does not detract from it’s deliciousness, but I have learned that there are number of people who (for whatever reason) cannot detect this smell as part of the overall bacon smell.

This I love. It will become my mantra.

You need to see a doctor. Two doctors, one for your nose, and then a psychiatrist.

I usually cook bacon outdoors, either in a cast iron skillet or on skewers. Same with fish (in a pan). Partly because I don’t like the way it makes the house smell, more because I don’t like the grease spatter and pan grease cleanup.

Bacon smells fine to me, but I wouldn’t cook it if Lester were my house guest.

That’s because the secret to bacon is to make it from a pig, not a tree.

If you took a dozen skunks, fed then a steady diet of Durian fruit, then slit their throats and left them to rot, the smell would be covered up by the incredible aroma of single slice of bacon cooking.

When the Israelites fleeing Egypt worshipped a Golden Calf they were punished by being lost in the desert for 40 years, and being denied bacon for eternity.

Darwin believed the evolution of the pig was driven by the empty bacon niche in the ecosystem.

It is patently absurd, outrageous, even heretical to besmirch bacon in the manner of the OP.