Bacteria used for data-storage.

Neat! Some mad scientists have successfully used genetic engineering to encode data into the DNA of e coli and deinococcus radiodurans. So far, only a very small amount of data, (appropriately, the lyrics to It’s a Small World,) but still, it’s a brilliant idea-- A data-storage medium that backs itself up.

(And I like the idea of such a sacharinne song being encoded into ass-cooties.)

Sometimes I think, without e coli, no scientific progress would be made. You ever notice it’s always e coli?

Very, very cool though.

Gives “core dump” a whole new meaning.


The more amazing thing would be if after hundreds of generations the bacteria evolved to the point where it now held the lyrics to Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Hey, now “computer bug” could be a good thing.

I’m scared to ask how the data is retrieved.

This has me thinking:

The Canadian top court just declared DNA unpatentable. So you copy Windows XP to a baterium, ship it to Canada, make a few billion copies, and ship it all over the world. Maybe make huge numbers and release it into the wild. Then anybody can get a pirated copy of XP for free, bankrupt Bill Gates. The World is a Better Place. Yipee.

(Well, I can dream…)

Note to self: steal this idea for SciFi/Horror/End of the world movie plot.

Another example of ‘junk’ DNA? :smiley: