Bad Astronomer balances eggs

The Autumn Equinox is upon us:

balanced eggs

Shouldn’t that be Eggquinox?

But can you stack them?

Of course!

Ummm…do you like yours scrambled or over easy?

Do it for friends on a different day and say it’s because you have psychic powers.

Be a bastard and superglue a couple dozen on a sidewalk for Halloween. Some kid is going to get the idea to throw one and it will break when they pull up on it. Funnier will be the kid that kicks it.

Silly Harmonious. They have to be rotten first!

…or so I’ve heard. cough

Not only that, but the text accompanying the Astronomy Picture of the Day cites our own Cecil Adams’ Straight Dope Column on the subject.

I had thought to mention that, but then I thought it was a given.

I like it. Is there a good process to reliably “rottenize” an egg before going out with my superglue? I wish to maximize destructive yield.