Bad, bad, bad 2:a.m. thoughts I thunk-

  1. Why is there not anything on TV other than dark mysterious or downright scary shows? There’s a Gilligan’s Island marathon on but I got my fill of that when the grandwrex were watching all day. And being stranded with those people scare me some. As do headhunters.

  2. Do cats snore?

  3. Why do socks feel weird under blankets?

  4. Can I have a second snack?

  5. Would it be rude to wake up my ghost for company?

  6. I’ll be worthless all day tomorrow and I’m ok with that.

  7. I could wake Ivy up. She IS my paid companion/keeper CNA lady. Nah, she’d be mean. Maybe I could get that snack. Hmmm?

  8. I think my brain is shut down but I’m still awake. How does that happen?

  9. I could read but it’ll make my head ache at this point.

  10. I’m really sick of YouTube videos. Some are just so stupid.

Yeah, I’m punchy.

  1. I have wondered myself, why don’t they send something that would lull you to sleep.
  2. Yes, I have had cats who had a small, cute snore.
    The rest, you know better than I.
    I hope you got a second snack.
  1. Yes, cats are capable of snoring. I’ve heard it from both my current ones, and their predecessor dearly loved to sleep near my head. While snoring in my ear. Which is annoying enough when DH does it, I really didn’t need the cat chiming in. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone in this thread knows?:

When I was a kid home alone at night, I used to have such a hard time finding stuff that wasn’t scary on TV. Remember that creepy-ass music from Unsolved Mysteries? I also remember catching bits and pieces of the X-Files. We had a window in our shower, and I always used to envision a slimy grey alien hand reaching through the window to grab me.

Now, at least, because we have streaming, I can watch whatever nice show I want at night. Not that we spend much time watching TV these days. Funny, my husband I were trying to figure out how we spent time before we had a kid. I remember writing a lot, but he could not for the life of him remember what he did with his time. I don’t remember what he did either.

Thank you! My husband says I’m ridiculous for not being able to sleep with socks on. He’s just grumpy when I complain of cold feet and possibly shove my cold feet against him to warm them up.

I’ve been watching a lot of self-improvement, minimalism and productivity videos on YouTube. They tend to have really positive followers. I’m also following a Buddhist monk on YouTube. It’s amazing to me who you can connect with there.

Some cats snore some of the time. IME, older cats are more likely to do so than young ones.

Sure. But keep an eye on your blood sugar.

I don’t know. You could try waking the ghost up and asking them. (Do ghosts sleep?)

I don’t know, but I wish it wouldn’t happen before I’ve gone to bed; because when it does, it interferes with my going to bed and actually getting to sleep.

Solitaire, with an actual card deck instead of on a computer?

Indeed. And they’re probably keeping you awake.

Get yourself a heated mattress pad/cover. They make them with dual controls, one for each side of the bed so you can each control the temperature on your side of the bed. I love mine.

Our old cat would snore sometimes; it was pretty adorable. The current cats (the orange hobbits) don’t snore, but make all sorts of vocalizations while sleeping, including chittering and growling – they’re clearly having interesting dreams.

I’ve worn socks to bed for decades; I do actually like the feel of it. My wife sleeps barefoot, and thinks I’m crazy. (Well, for other reasons, too.)

We have one of those, and I use it all winter. My wife will only turn it on when it’s very cold out (as it will be tonight), and if I have my side turned above the very lowest setting, she’ll be unhappy, as it does throw off a lot of heat under the covers.

I’m relieved that it’s not just me! Anything restrictive drives me nuts in bed. I can’t wear socks, and I can’t wear pajamas. I have to wear a loose fitting nightgown. On top of that, my bedroom has to be cool, or I can’t sleep.

No, not at all because I’m thinking that ghosts have a ton of free time on their hands.

Hasn’t that jerk woken you up more than once? If so, it’s just returning the “favor” for you to do so. :wink:

A lot are; I tend to fall down YouTube rabbit holes, especially after midnight, but it’s a matter of me finding interesting stuff. I tend to enjoy interviews and documentaries about music, and many of those are pretty cool, as are videos from certain musicians that I follow, like Pomplamoose and Postmodern Jukebox.

But, much of what’s on YouTube is from “content creators” who spend 15 minutes talking about something that they could tell you in 2 minutes, without the filler and the yakking.

I sleep in the coldest bedroom in the house, and on the coldest nights, my feet never get warm unless I put socks on. That worked just fine until I got a new set of sheets that apparently isn’t as smooth as my old ones, and my socks rub against them and get tugged down as I turn over in bed. I’m thinking I’ll get a silkier set and make these the summer sheets.

And cats do indeed snore, you want to avoid eating sugary or high-carb snacks if you’re trying to sleep (the sudden spike in blood sugar can make you temporarily alert), streaming services are where it’s at for friendly late-night entertainment, there are a lot of YouTube channels dedicated to soothing activities like crafts, and ghosts are famously happy to hang out with the living late at night.

I watch nature videos, art history videos and historical clothing videos before I go to bed. They do calm my brain and YouTube has lots of them.

To relax I like cooking videos with no talking.
Usually end up watching whats like the day in a life of a Japanese restaurant, opening up, starting the prep, veg, meats, sauces, making noodles. It’s a lot of asmr going on.

Cats snore, even big ones. One of the nice things you can watch on You Tube (though they are switching to this TikTok format which I find do annoying!). Start looking for tigers and lions snoring and just go from there. I made it to antarctic seals snoring, go figure… Luv’ly, they are.
Giving up the ghost? Bad! Waking up the ghost? Fine.
ETA: Do ghosts sleep at all? What for? Don’t tell me they dream! What would a ghost nightmare be about? Or a wet dream?

Ghosts are nocturnal. This is why you never hear about someone screaming and dropping their cereal bowl because they saw a ghost across the breakfast table. Of course, maybe they just don’t eat breakfast. Shredded wheat goes right through them.

Do you get Me TV? They have old episodes of Perry Mason. My sister goes to sleep watching them, at least until someone jumps up in the courtroom and cries, “All right! I did it! I did it, and I’m glad, I tell you, glad!” But then we find it comforting because we associate it with Dad, who was an attorney and who watched PM when it first ran. (He kept muttering, “He’d get disbarred for doing that in real life.”)

Same! I had to adapt to very baggy PJ’s, though, because nightgowns bunch up, which I find annoying. I use a heating pad to warm my feet, as I have Raynaud’s, and my cold feet keep me awake otherwise. I tried heated mattress pads, but I don’t like being that warm. Only my feet need thawing.

I’ve taken to listening to audiobooks while I fall asleep. There are some YouTube audiobooks that are read with soothing voices meant to make you fall asleep. There are also many soothing sounds videos on YouTube. Most have static pictures, so you don’t need to watch them, just listen.

You can also find 4 and 10 hour loops of the music played to different Disneyland queues. I’m sure some of them are relaxing.