Bad, bad, bad Tater chips and sad sad sad eyes.. Bayliss and his predilections

I love Pringles. I get about 10, just 10, once a week. I want my Pringles for myself. I do not wanna share.

“I love you Bayliss. But you ain’t getting them. Quit with yer big ol’sad eyes. It ain’t moving me.”

No little whine, sad as it is ain’t gonna gonna cut it.

I push the no treat buttons. He pushes"treat" 5 times in a row.
I give him one half of a chip. I don’t like to eat the broken ones anyway. Yeah I’m strange.

Why do dogs like potato chips? They are not meaty. Or bacon-y.

Bayliss has rarely begged for many things. But always my Pringles.

Maybe they like the salt?

I’m pretty sure Bayliss doesn’t yearn for saddle-shaped foods.

Why would you be surprised that Bayliss likes Pringles when people do? I don’t buy them any more but I used to, and there’s something about their near-tastelessness that makes them somehow addictive, like a pure texture-and-salt experience. I currently have that problem with cashews, which are worse because they do have taste – last night I demolished half a can of cashews before I could exert the willpower to stop.

But in the name of all that’s holy and in the name of dogs everywhere, if Bayliss not only looks at you with sad eyes begging for Pringles, but also then actually asks for them using the language machine you taught him to use – well, for heaven’s sake, have mercy on the poor pooch! :wink: :dog:

If they’re bad for me I’m assuming they’re worse for him.

You’re right about the tastelessness of the dang things. But, I like 'em.
I’d prefer the salt and vinegar ones but they are even more bad bad bad.
I take what I can get.

Explain to Bayliss that Pringles are bad for his health, and then let him make his own decision. :slight_smile: Dogs have survived for thousands of years making many of their own dietary decisions, and have done quite well for themselves.

In some ways dogs are a lot smarter than we are, especially when it comes to matters of life and death, to fully enjoying life in the moment, and to treating death with dispassionate acceptance, with a unique instinct for knowing when it’s time.

Bayliss is a noble creature descended from that line. Give him some Pringles. :dog2:

Is there a treat that he likes more than Pringles? Maybe you could offer that as a substitute. Unless . . .

Could he be wanting a piece because he can smell how much you treasure them? I don’t think there’s any substitute for that.

Speak for your own noble creatures. My 13-lb. idiot gulped down an unopened salt packet that I accidentally dropped on the floor on Monday.

Please note the qualifier “in some ways dogs are a lot smarter than we are…”! :smiley: In other ways they are happy simpletons who know how to get the most joy out of life in the moment, and I admire them for that, too!

My Crew love corn chips and broken taco shells. Helluva lot cheaper than dog treats!

They are known as ‘Biscuits’.

LOL, I don’t think he enjoyed it – he chomped down on it and then swallowed quickly. I’m pretty sure it was an unpleasant experience! For me, too, since I was watching him for salt toxicity for the next few days… happily, the mishap never even slowed him down.

Agreed, dog treats are expensive. But I did find a Kong Kitchen product of pretzel bits filled with peanut butter that Ollie will sell my soul for. They are reasonably priced, last a long while, are great for training and best of all: Salt free. (I’m tempted to eat them myself!)

I like the pizza ones. I don’t eat them anymore.

Some cats like them too. I would say that’s even odder, but it’s not odd for cats to be odd.

– if you’re allowed 10, maybe you can get 12 if you promise to give two to Bayliss. I don’t think that’s enough to do him any harm – he’s a fair sized dog, isn’t he?

Yep. He could probably take 2 or 3.

I’ll tell Ivy you said I could have 12. We’ll see if she believes me. (I’m known to lie to her on occasion)

Hey! Ivy! I said she can have 12 but you’d better watch and make sure she gives two to Bayliss!

My dogs grooved on MilkBones so much, I tried them myself. They’re just all right.

Beck, when the Pringles are gone, you could put some Milk Bones in the canister for a couple of days so they absorb the scent. Or is that too weird?

Oh my. I like that idea. I’ve actually put plain milk bones in a empty bag of bacon treats. Worked good.

I admit it. I licked one of the pretzel bits, just to make sure there was no salt. :blush:

I’d suggest to Beck that she get some of these for Bayliss, but it sounds like the salt is the thing so he probably won’t be interested.

Well, I don’t know if it’s the salt, for sure.

I’m gonna try the pretzel things. I’ve already got it in my cart.

I never thought to worry about his salt intake. I thought like all animals he needed some.
Like @wolfpup says he would at least stop before he poisoned himself, to death. Unlike us dumb humans.

And my dumb dachshund.

Do let me know how Bayliss likes the pretzel bits! I hope they’re a big hit. :slight_smile: