Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Ha ha ha ha ha . I don’t want o get involved with your drama, but yeah, I fucked your boyfriend a whole bunch of times. It meant nothing to me. Ha ha ha ha ha. I can see you’re in pain. This is so amusing to me.

Twickster isn’t obligated to feel remorse for something JP did.

Everyone here totally agrees with that. Show me where someone said otherwise. She had no clue and couldn’t be expected to have one until she got that email.

The hurting for the other girl is all that matters. A girl tells her, that guy you’ve been banging is my boyfriend, and I thought we were monogomous, and all she can respond with is that “well, too bad for you but it hasn’t hurt ME.” How about a little sensivity. A little responsibility about finding out whether somebody is attached before you bang them would be in order as well. What if she found out he was married? Would she care at all?

She doesn’t have to taunt the victim.

I didn’t really focus on this before, but to specify in her response that she was having sex with him does seem a bit like gratuitous territory-marking.

No, but there’s nothing “amusing” about the situation. Perhaps she knew that JP was a bad boy, but it’s not funny that his girlfriend didn’t know.

What taunting? She told Maria the facts of her relationship with JD (after Maria said she wanted to share information). The only personal thing she added was “Sorry you’re going through this, I know it’s very painful”.

So she should have lied to Maria and told her she wasn’t having sex with JD and thereby helped him get away with it?

Talk about twisting the knife. Clearly JP led her to believe she was in an exclusive relationship with him for four years and this is undoubtedly an extremely painful moment for her. You make it sound like it’s her fault for trusting her boyfriend for four years, that this is just the way he is. My sides hurt from laughing so hard.

Yeah, this whole thing seems closely related to the old argument, “Sure, I’m sleeping with a married man (or woman). I’m not doing anything wrong, because I’m not the one who’s cheating!”

Both show a nasty lack of basic empathy with your fellow humans. Very, very icky.

Nor does the “victim” need to taunt her.

I was seeing a guy who thought we were “exclusive” - but that was never something I agreed to, nor was it something I ever insinuated. In fact, I went out of my way to tell him I was seeing other people (and out of my way to tell the other people I was seeing other people). He chose to hear what he wanted to hear and blew up when the reality didn’t match the fantasy he created. That wasn’t MY problem, not a problem anyone else I was seeing really needed to know what a fuckwad he was.

CLEARLY we have no idea what JP lead her to believe. We don’t know her, nor do we know JP. All we know is that Twicks and he had a casual relationship. It doesn’t sound like he was implying anything other than casual to Twicks, maybe he wasn’t with this other woman either.

“I find it amusing” is taunting. The cavalier way in which she jabbed the victim for her “drama,” then went on to breezily confess to banging her boyfriend was callous at very best. She also does not appear to be much bothered by the revelation that this guy is an asshole, and that she helped (albeit unwittingly, though I don’t cut her 100% slack for not bothering to inquire whether he was in a relationship) to hurt somebody.

Nor did she.

Really? “I’m sleeping with your boyfriend.” If she assumed that everyone else had exclusive relationships, then she did no worse than twicks did, and with less provocation.

Isn’t the first rule of “you know someone is getting cheated on” around here not to tell. She found out. Break up with him. Don’t stick your nose into the other relationships the guy has - unless you have an STD you need to communicate.

IMO, she should have ignored the email and called JP to ask him WTF was going on.

If Maria was being truthful, it is time for twix to cut off the nookie. No reason to get involved further.

If Maria was crazy and full of it, then having any contact with her of any kind is seriously unwise.

Hey, she could have made the whole thing up. “She” might be a thirteen year old Nigerian boy. Why don’t we go with that explanation?

Sounds to me like full disclosure, if she’s worried about STDs or just wants to know what was up with the dude. Maria certainly sounds like she wants to know what all these gals thought they had with JP.

Mitch Hedberg (r.i.p.) said “I don’t have a girlfriend but I know a girl that would be pissed off if she heard me say that.”

I think OP showed good judgment in her contacts with Maria. She was honest without getting into a catfight.