Bad effects of prolonged erections?

Is there any possible bad effect that might come with having a boner for an extended period of time? If so, what’s the recommended amount of time to have a hard-on? Without going into details, I’ll say that Mini-donkey was at full mast for at least 3.5 hours tonight.

Having a woody for this long isn’t going to kill me, is it?

No, but if it turns orange, make sure you check to see whether you were eating Cheetos at around the same time you broke out the lube and the Buttman DVDs.

Seriously, though; priapism (won’t go down) and phlebitis (inflammation of blood vessels) are two problems I can think of that could be serious. Priapism in particular can be dangerous, depending on what the problem is that’s causing the uber-stiffie. Check out a medical journal or Wikipedia for a full run-down.

If it’s still hard after a few hours, go seek medical help immediately.

I am not a doctor, blah, blah, blah, insert standard disclaimer here: _____

I’m no doctor, but my understanding is that run-of-the-mill wood isn’t dangerous, even for long periods of time. It’ll eventually become painful and you’ll naturally detumesce.

If it’s drug-induced, or arises from some medical problem (like a blood clot in your business,) things can get messed up if you don’t get medical help pronto.

The least of your worries is that it might render you permanently impotent – which is saying something.

      • Yea, preferrably really good-looking medical help. But hands off the candy stripers, they’re usually jailbait.

Priapism is nothing to laugh about…

If it lasts longer than 4 hours and isn’t disappearing, despite your best efforts, you should seek medical help. If it lasts longer than 6 hours, go to a hospital ASAP.

Erections, are caused by blood being able to get, but not able to get out. Eventually, if it’s left sitting around long enough, the blood clots and bad things happen.

Unfortunately, in order to make it go away it may be necessary to insert a needle and draw off the blood, but since the alternative might be permanent impotence, it would be a worthwhile procedure.

I don’t think candystripers will be an issue here unless they have beards, shaved heads and small-frame glasses. (At least I think I got that combination right!)

'Fess up - were you (ahem) experimenting with little blue pills? If so, you ought to be fine soon. I once helped someone split their supply of little blue pills (a nifty way of getting double the supply for one Rx co-pay) and I absorbed enough of the stuff through my fingertips to develop a bit of a chubby for a couple hours. I’m scared to think how it would be if I’d actually ingested a full pill.

Kill you, no. But if gangrene sets in and the doctor starts talking amputation (which is a real possibility) you might become suicidal.

Ok, then. Experimenting with little blue pills, no.

Experimenting with a man, yes.

gotpasswords, even if they all did, that probably wouldn’t be a good thing if I’m in the hospital having blood taken out of my penis.

Also, I’m 18. What do I need viagra for?

You’re 18? Four-hour erections are totally normal, dude.

I wish I was 18 again.

When I was your age, I don’t remember ever **not **having an erection.

It happens. No, really, it does.

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