Bad feelings

Wondering how long your fly has been open for.

Finding out that guy you’ve been bad mouthing is standing behind you.

Realizing that Crunchy Frog just will not leave!! :slight_smile: (Seriously, I’ll stop now.)

Knowing that when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll still be alone even though it doesn’t have to be that way, yet there isn’t really a whole lot you can do about. And stuff. :frowning:

Being stuck in a traffic jam and realizing that you’ve just had a Super Big Gulp and a few Bran Muffins.

Sitting around with several fellow theater techies in one in the morning, yelling and cursing loudly, and shouting, “Pass the fucking beer!” at the top of my lungs, when my friends’ distraught faces alerted me to the fact that the Headmaster of the school was standing directly behind me.

Not being able to see because of the fog while driving then hearing the metal on your car bend, twist, and contort itself into a different shape because you hit a deer. Yup I’d say that qualifies as a bad one.

Not knowing that that booger was just barely peeking out of your nose, just enough to create odd looks from people, while out doing your errands, and it wasn’t until you got home, looked in the mirror and realized it was doing it’s best to say “Hi” to the world.

Turning to say ‘hi’ to that gorgeous girl you have a crush on - then walking into a pole.

Swinging an ax as hard as you can to split a big log, then noticing in mid-swing that it has suddenly become a whole bunch lighter and you’re not really sure where the blade is any more, except that it’s somewhere in the air above you.

Getting the message while at work

“The Director of Nursing and The Human Resources officer want to see you in her office–Right away”

Being in a large and long meeting with co-workers and customers, trying to silently sneak out a fart from last nights burrito, it can be heard three floors down.