bad mood lifters

Eat fiber.

Baby giggles.

Got any friends with little kids you can amuse?

Chocolate, fresh ground coffee & a good book. Usually cures what ails me.


What usually works for me is just sitting outside thinking about stuff. But, since you’re in New England and it’s been snowing, I would imagine you wuoldn’t want to do that.

I’ve always found that receiving oral stimuli will cheer me up.
:eek: :o :eek: :o :eek: :o :eek:

Do something nice for someone else.

A hot shower and a cold drink.
Or just the reverse.

Have a hot shower. Turn all the lights on. Whack summat funky on the CD player. Have a glass (yes, only one) of good quality red wine. Call a friend long distance.

Shout “WIBBLE!”

Very long walks. Picking up a book, or looking at Net sites, and zoning out on fantasy art (dragons especially). Talking on the phone, or ICQ’ing, very good friends who are expert at picking up the Wolf by the scuff o’ the neck and reminding me what life’s really about.

Loud, soulful music, so it carries me up to the stars, and helps put things right back into perspective.

Failing that, I’ll pick up a bit of historical research I’m working on, and leave this darn century for a while. :slight_smile:

Reading a good fantasy, listening to good music, chatting with friends over the net and IRL. Cooking and tasting (that explains why I’m fat, anyway :D) discussing theology with mates (after a few beers).

Other than that, I don’t get into bad moods often, I seem to be blessed with a very happy outlook on life.

Once again, The Wolf rocks.

That she does, TheLoadedDog :smiley:

And take two guesses, everyone, which two Dopers help me through my darkest times? :slight_smile:

Thanks, to both of you, my dear friends, my brothers-of-the-soul.

there is one sure way to lift a bad mood…