Bad Movies We Love

How about this:

Which movies are our guilty pleasures? Movies that we are embarrassed to admit we enjoyed.

I guess my big one would be Hudson Hawk. Everyone hated that one, but I thought it was a hoot.

So many movies are called bad, when they have in fact achieved their aim. Some were meant to be cheesy. I think you can really only call a movie bad if it’s meant to be scary (really) and only makes you laugh, or if it completely misses the mark in some other fundamental way. A movie is not bad just because you don’t care for it, if it in fact achieved it’s aim. Otherwise, I would call Seven bad, and that was really a very good film, but it was just not my cup of tea.

What movies are your guilty pleasures, the ones that aren’t bad, they’re just drawn that way?

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The movie Jason X is a classic, just because of how utterly bad it was. My friend and I both laughed uproariously when Jason’s spaceship, apparently made out of glass (?), collided with the other spaceship and burst into flames. The scene took up the whole screen and was meant to be intense, but if you look closely, you can tell that it’s one model spaceship “crashing” BEHIND the other and bursting into flames at the wrong time.

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