Bad news, good news <or> Things that really piss you off, but end up being not that b

My car got towed the other day. Well, not quite, but the fuck-wad had lifted it, so it was a good as done, you know. $65 for him to allow it the drop of 1.5 feet back to the ground. Un-fucking-believable. How nice it must be to know that all you have to do is show up, place your shit on a car and you have earned a fair sum of money, all in the space of about 90 seconds…tops. I went to college for years to get an engineering degree and this dickweed is making almost three times what I am…wait, actually, that’s just for one pull! Figure at least two or three snags an hour, this cat is raking it in! Fuck, I’m in the wrong business.

The thing is, my car was getting snatched from my apartment. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon. On a Sunday. I wouldn’t even have known if my alarm hadn’t gone off, either. The story I got was this: someone had had a party the night before and the neighbors were pissed (although my understanding of this “party” was a group of 6 people, watching TV and playing board games…real lively :rolleyes: ) They figured my car was one of the guests, because it didn’t have a parking pass or something and they called the towing company. Mind you, half the parking lot was empty by this point so it’s not like there was a shortage of spaces. Something else, I’ve been there for almost three months and this is the first I’ve ever heard of parking passes. Also, I looked around and maybe one in ten cars has a pass! Additionally, I had one of the only “sports car” type cars in the lot (of maybe 30 cars) and the only one with personalized plates (THNKSNOW, go figure :smiley: ) which many people, neighbors and whatnot have commented on, so I’m of the opinion people have recognized my vehicle, not to mention I was parked in the same area where I’ve been parking for the last 10 weeks, yet no one came to me and asked if I was the owner or if it was my car or anything. Ass-fucking smeg-gobblers.

So, here’s the good news part: I’m coming back from the ATM and I see these two very attractive young ladies who actually flag me down and ask if I was the guy getting towed. Then they tell me they heard their neighbors say that they were the ones that called the towing company, and laugh. These women, quite pissed, then called the apartment office to complain about the neighbors for being petty and bitchy and all that jazz (it seems the girls were the ones that had the “party” that had the “excessive noise” the night before). Anyhow, I’ve made some new friends and have, in fact, a date with one of them this weekend. Comrade-in-arms (against the tyranny of dickhead-neighbor oppression) and all that. Oh, the other good thing: the corporate relocation company I’m using for this place (work related rental, furnished apartment) is going to reimburse me the cost of the towing, since they never provided me a pass or informed me of the need for one.
Next bad news, good news situation (and I’ll keep this one brief, since that last tale ran long): I had met a couple of stewardesses a few weeks ago and have been staying in touch with them. Last night one of them came to visit (they live about an hour away). I made dinner, we had some wine and watched some TV. Then she jumped me. Not a bad thing, and that’s not what I’m irked by. What I am irked by is that during the foreplay, she gave me a hand-job, but didn’t take off her rings! Truly a good-news, bad-news kinda thing! I didn’t want her to stop, but goddamn was she digging trenches. My poor aching penis. The humble critter is so sore today, I’ve been walking around so gingerly as to look silly. I think I actually whimpered this morning while putting on my trousers. I was barely able to have sex after that. [sub]Which reminds me, I need to update the “How long has it been…” thread.[/sub]
So, that’s my rant. Bad-news, good-news.

you, sir, seem to lead an incredibly rich life. um, can you ask that stewardess if she digs overweight married guys?

See the dot at the bottom of this question mark? Look closely. Divide its size by 200. That’s about the size of the violin I’m playing for you and your sore penis.

oh yeah, forgot to mention, especially for an engineer! joke, people! just a joke!

But Ender, now it hurts when I beat off :frowning:

Man, I just can’t win.