Bad News Writing: The Tautology Version

SEriously, who writes and edits the shit they have in newspapers on on major news websites? Right now, on, in a story about troubled singer Randy Travis:

Er… you don’t say? This genre of music is largely led by musicians with popular songs and concerts, huh? And here I thought the most famous musicians were generally the ones with unpopular songs and concerts nobody went to.

You’re thinking of hipster musicians.

I agree with you that editing standards are abysmal.

However, I’m not sure your quote is tautology. It seems to me more stating the obvious.

Right. There are genres led by artists who aren’t chart-toppers going on sell-out tours–in fact, even more so now that some artists are distributing their own material online. “Leading” a genre doesn’t necessarily mean one is “famous” in the traditional way.