Bad or so-so performances that were oddly effectual

I haven’t seen all of Godfather III…but in the parts I have seen…not everyone in a family can be an incredibly strong charismatic figure. Can you imagine how exhausting it must be to be in the Corleone family? So if one person is just kind of pretty and kind of dumb and just occupying space…there’s not a damn thing wrong with that. So I got no problem with Andy Garcia.

Just kidding, you know who I mean.

I love The Razor’s Edge. And i think a slightly out of his depth Bill Murray adds to it.

Ace Ventura. I don’t know why but I like Tone Loc in that.

Trvia: Tone only released two albums??

**DJ Jazzy Jeff’**s stint on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air revealed that he was either a brilliant thespian or an amateur hack who got the gig since he had the obvious connections.

Either way, it worked and his character added just the right quirk and fit in perfectly with the show’s dynamic.

Glenn Campbell’s just barely adequate performance in True Grit played well off the two rather overwhelming leads. It gave Campbell’s character a quality of overcoming shyness that I believe was entirely unintended.

I think that at some point Bob Dylan made a conscious choice between vocal excellence and emotional authenticity. He chose the latter and it made him a star. If you think I’m wrong, think of Jim Nabors singing “Blowin’ In the Wind.”

You mean he made a conscious choice between vocal excellence and tobacco and marijuana addiction, which reduce the artistic potential of the voice.

Dylan’s voice could have been a lot better: listen to his song about Reuben “The Hurricane” Carter, which he recorded after he cut back on the smokes.

It is sad- everybody must get high, but to do so as much as Dylan did is a form of self-destruction.

Yea, if he’d protected his voice more, his music career might’ve really taken off.

Dorothy Comingore in Citizen Kane. Her performance is shrill and overdone, but it’s perfect for Susan Alexander Kane. Her career in films was shorter and less distinguished than nearly all of the major actors in the film, and is mostly made up of small roles, which tends to indicate she wasn’t a particularly good actress.

Meg White’s drumming in any White Stripes song?

The kid in The Shining. From what I’ve read on these boards everyone seems to agree that his acting performance was horrible. I never actually thought that, but whatever he did, it only added to the general creepiness of the film.

To steal a line from Janet Weiss of Sleater Kinney (who was speaking about herself actually)

“She drums like shoes in a dryer”

His performance was Olivier compared to the kid who played the same character in the miniseries. Gah.