Bad Orca! Bad Orca!! (Opus 11/30/03 Question)

I thought that today’s comic was better than last Sunday’s, but I’m a bit puzzled by the last panel.[spoiler]I thought Opus’s mom was dead.[/spoilter] Anybody have any guesses?

No, Mr. Spoilter (g), she wasn’t. In fact, the last Outland comic was him and his mom getting back together for the last time.

(I don’t consider this fact a spoiler, per se, but I put it in the box just in case.

Let me get this straight. This is a comic strip about a talking penguin and you worry about the continuity? Why in the world does it matter?

For the same reason it matters when the current chowderheads running the Star Trek franchise screw up the continuity of a program which boldly thumbs it’s nose at Albert Einstein. Because if they can’t get some of the simple details right, then the whole series ain’t worth watching.