Bad Out-of-State Drivers

California has enough bad drivers so don’t come here and drive like an asshole!
I’m generally cool,calm and grounded however,enough is enough. Don’t come here and drive like we do.If your license plate does not say California on it you
do not have the right to cut people off or pass on the right. Use your damn turn
signal! Why do you think it was installed in your vehicle! Driving is a Privilege not a

Are you saying that you do have that right if your plate does say “California”?

Yep, it looks like that’s what you’re saying.

How about this: All of us out-of-state drivers will stop cutting people off and passing to the right as soon as you Californians stop doing it to us when we visit.

Bloody tourists!

I don’t think to OP is saying that, but you do. So do out-of-staters, as it turns out.

Passing on the right is perfectly legal in California (in many circumstances). Chapter and verse from the California Vehicle Code (from here) is:

“Only under the following circumstances” makes one expect a list of fairly specific exceptions, but they go on to list basically every multi-lane road in the state.

Cutting people off and failing to signal are, I believe, illegal here. :smiley: Not that that seems to stop anybody, resident or not.

I’ve been living in California 8 years, and drivers in New Jersey are a lot better than California drivers. Who’s in the left lane, 10 mph below the flow of traffic, with about a quarter mile of space in front during rush hour? Never seen an out of stater do this. I drove the interstates in New Jersey for 15 years, and saw people do it there maybe twice. (And one of them got pulled over for it.) Out of staters could only make things better here.

Having grown up in NJ, I never thought I’d praise Jersey drivers. But the longer I’m out here, the more I prefer fast, aggressive, and selfish to slow, obtuse, and selfish

Wow, that is the first time I have ever read/heard someone say NJ drivers are better than anyone! NJ has one of the highest auto insurance rates in the country and when driving there you’ll immediately notice why.

I’ve always thought the state slogan on N.J. license plates should be JERSEY DRIVER.
In flashing neon letters.

Pfft! Pikers. You want to risk your life on the road, come down to Florida.

Here, we have bad out of state drivers too. But in addition to being bad, ours are very very old. Or Canadians (“Look over dere at the side of the rood dere! A palm tree! Get the camera oot, honey!”). Or both.

What in the world prevents people from using their turn signals? I suggest it is a crippling laziness, coupled with a “me-first” disregard for others. It’s a national problem.

In my experience, Virginia drivers are the most mellow.

You’ve never driven in DC, have you?

To me, it’s Ohio drivers. But they’re mellow to the point that they annoy the CRAP out of me (grew up as a VA driver, didn’t drive for five years in NYC, moved to Ohio). They go 60 in a 65 in the LEFT lane, drift into other lanes, and they just don’t seem to notice that they’re doing it!

But at least they’re polite.


I should have clarified. Yes, I have driven in DC, and of course they are maniacs. I was referring to non-beltway VA - i.e. Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke, Norfolk etc…

Richmond’s gotten awful, as has parts of Norfolk, but I do still like driving in Roanoke and Charlottesville - I always look forward to when we get into Charlottesville on the way home from my parents’ in Richmond. It’s so calm and people drive properly. It’s relaxing, and a nice way to go before we hit the crazy West Virginia truckers!


Charlottesville? Hmmm…my impression of Route 29 through Cville is that I’ve accidently got off the road somehow and entered the final lap of the Indianapolis 500 where everyone is jockeying for that critical, final position before the end of the race…then there are people on the 250 by-pass who either drive as if it is imperative to commit three accidents at 90 mph between the 64 exit and the Barrack’s Rd exit OR they must toddle along at 10 mph as they wonder which C’ville exit they need exactly to get to the Boar’s Head Inn. Or the people heading south on 29 who drive on that road every single day and STILL can’t remember which lane they need to be in to get to 250 (hence back to 64) – not that I shout things like this whilst driving through there or anything. :slight_smile:

Admittedly the worst drivers are the ones navigating the Barracks Road Shopping centre car park; I’ve seen some amazing pile ups there.

Shan’t discuss the situation when there is a home UVa gridiron match (although I will say we used to get the gridiron fixture so we’d know to go shopping during the match – the place would be a ghost town for about 2 or 3 hours on those Saturdays).

It used to be, in summers when all the students went home, bliss to drive around up there, but since the late 80s traffic seems heavy all the year round.

Ms Boods, who lived in Charlottesville for 8 years, and still drives up there 2-3x a month…and who thoroughly enjoys tackling the DC Beltway, so don’t mind me :smiley:

Thank God. Getting from SF to SJ would take two hours otherwise.

Now, there’s plenty of shitty local drivers; I’m certainly not solely fingering out-of-state drivers. But one that really sticks out to me happened a month or two ago. I was driving down Lombard’s “Crookedest Street in the World” for kicks. I get to the bottom, and continue east on Lombard, which is otherwise a normal, two-way street.

I get to the bottom of the hill and on my left up pulls this schmuck in a beige sedan. What this nice Marylander apparently failed to realize is that you’re supposed to drive on the right side of the fucking road. Lombard at that point is one lane in each direction, with a dotted yellow line in the middle. He was right in the middle of the opposite lane. Then the fucker cut me off, switching lanes in the intersection, wondering why I honked. These are the people that scare me.

This thread reminds me of my favorite politically incorrect Southern California joke:

Q: How can you tell when Asians are moving into the neighborhood?
A: When the Mexicans start looking for auto insurance.

You want bad drivers? Go to Ontario, Canada. I’ve lived in NJ my whole life and have experienced the roads in NJ and NY. Sure, there are drivers that speed excessively. But at least they’re skillful, for the most part. I’ve never felt so in danger as in the Toronto area. These people just don’t know how to drive and still speed like they’re going to put out a fire or something. There must be a running joke in Canada about Ontario drivers. There must be.