Bad resturants, good take away

There is a rather big place right across from my office. I have had lunch brought over quite often and its very good, their Tarragon Chicken is some of he best I have had. In the six months I have been in this location, I have eaten in maybe three times (including yesterday) and the food is bloody awful.

This is something I have noticed quite often in other places., that have excellent take away, mediocre eat in. Do they have what, different kitchens or something.

Doesn’t make sense to me. If the goal is customers, why serve mediocre? Unless, it is the price. Fill their tummies, and maybe they will come back.

I eat regularly at a famous chiain restaurant whose pot pies are sold in stores. Excellent pot pies! But I only ordered one at the restaurant once. It tasted awful and I haven’t ordered one in the restaurant since.

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