"Bad Sex" column on Nerve. Help me figure out who he's talking about.

Here is a link to the article. Be warned, Nerve can be considered NSFW since it deals with mostly sex, and this article has a lot of strong language and graphic descriptions. With that said…

http:// www . nerve.com/regulars/badsex/011/

I’ve thrown a spaces into the link in case it’s too NSFW for the board… hopefully that helps…

The author, George Tabb, describes a sexual encounter gone wrong with a lead singer of a “hippie band” that his own punk rock band was opening for. He says that the singer in question went on to great fame, including a Letterman appearance, so my girlfriend and I have been trying to Inspector Parker it to figure out who it is.

Here is a link to the author’s band: Roach Motel

We think the incident in question happened in the early 80s, as it seems that’s when the authors band was most active.

Using Wiki, we think we’ve eliminated Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Madonna, and Pat Benatar either through timing (Nicks, Jett, Harry) or whether or not they ever fronted a band (Benatar and Madonna).

So I turn to you for help.

It could be this singer is a lot more obscure than the author is giving her credit for - but maybe we can figure it out.

Again, we’re looking for a female singer that came to fame in probably the mid to late 80s, though it could have been later than that. At one time she fronted a “hippie” band, probably in 82 or 83. Also, she apparantly had a rather foul nether-region, if that helps narrow it down. :wink:

Natalie Merchant maybe? She joined 10,000 Maniacs in 1981 and they were touring in the early 80’s. She later became pretty famous. She’s good looking, has brown hair, and is married.

Hmmm… hadn’t thought of her. That’s definitely a possibility.

The story gave me the impression that the band was never famous, but that the singer was herself. That might leave 10,000 Maniacs out, but I think it’s still a strong possibility.

It reminds me of the punchline of a joke I heard in middle school.

“Sheesh, lady, are you sick?”

“No, but the guy before you was.”


Oh, and maybe Edie Brickell?

I considered Edie - but she was born in 1966 and would have been pretty young in the early 80s. She does say here that she started playing w/ the New Bohemians when she was 18 ('82), so it’s possible… though I lean towards unlikely.

The future Mrs. Paul Simon is who immediately came to mind for me as well…

Found a semi-complete archive of Late Night With David Letterman at the IMDB.


So far all I can come up with is Linda Ronstadt who was on the show Sept 21 1983. They don’t credit the Stone Ponys on IMDB, but that woulda been her band - that didn’t become famous.

Made less likely by the fact that someone born in 1966 turned 18 in '84, not '82.

Cyndi Lauper.

She was the singer in the band “Blue Angel” from 1977-1980. She bad mouths the group’s music but I like it.

Important note:

  1. The singer talked with Dave. Very, very few musical acts got to talk with Dave.

  2. Linda Ronstadt??? Umm, I don’t think so.

You gonna share the rest of the joke?

Aimee Mann? Til Tuesday were never as famous as she is… but thats more mid 80’s


Chrissie Hynde is about in the right time frame, right?

Ok, but it’s under duress, since you threw me into the pit about it. I’ll spoil it 'cause it’s gross. And juvenile.

This guy is going down on a girl he just met at a party. He comes across a chunk of carrot, but brushes it aside and goes back at it. He comes across a pea, brushes it aside and dives back down. He comes across chunk of meat, looks up at the girl and says, “Sheesh! Are you sick?” to which she replies, “No, but the guy before you was.”

Ronstadt seems to fit the bill – Stone Ponies (Poneys? can’t remember) was a more of a “Hippie” band than anyone else mentioned here.

Interesting. Can’t wait to read the article (when I get home from work).

Ha…I signed up just to answer this question :smiley:

I would bet my left testicle AND a lung that George is talking about Exene of X. In fact, I’m 100% sure of it.

She talked to Dave, and X had that hippy Ray whatizname from the Doors produce and play on their first four records (which by the way are essential).

Give me a minute and I’ll post a link to the clip from Late Night.

X’s website

Downloadable link for the Letterman clip.

Oh, and just for the record…I’ve always thought Exene was one of the hottest rock n roll chicks ever. George shoulda been able to handle a little bit of smelly punk rock cooch. He’s been around. I’m sure he’s eaten worse stuff :smiley:

Ray Manzarek.

And your nomination makes sense except for Exene was clearly a punker - not even closely associated with being a hippie.

Welcome to the SDMB!!

No, it was her. You don’t have to be an actual tree hugging Jerry Garcia type hippy to be considered a hippy by punk standards. Roots rock kind of punks as well as lefty type agit-punkers (Exene is both) always get tagged with the hippy label. Crass was probably the most hardcore band ever (hardcore not in a bad metal kind of way) but they were still a bunch of hippies.