Bad times for racialists...

Last October both J P Rushton and Arthur Jensen croaked. Another less prominant racialist Vincent Sarich also died that month. Today, I’ve learned that my prediction was correct. Robert Travis Osborne, the last remaining president of the Pioneer Fund, has bit it too (at the tender age of 99).

In addition, the Pioneer Fund’s website appears to have undergone a redesign. Where there once was a basic html layout peddling links to Rushton’s “Charles Darwin Research Institute” and cheap printouts to his crappy racialist book/pamphlets, is now just a simple splash page (barely three paragraphs). One of which…

Dare I say it? The Pioneer fund seems to be…dead. Yep, dead. Now with four more “Mainstream Science on Intelligence” signatories fresh worm food, who’s next? I bet Richard Lynn, I’m quite surprised he’s lived this long already (the fool is 83).

Well… since Lynn is still alive, maybe I shouldn’t call it “dead.” But lets wait a few months and see what Santa brings us in December.

Is racialist some weird british term for racist or something? If so, you guys sure seem to like adding unneeded letters and syllables to words.

Yes, Lynn is getting on. Apparently has another book coming out this year.

It appears to be that, another word for racist. Letters and syllables must be cheap in England the way they waste them. Their tweets must be quite constrained.

Whatever it is, I **really **hope you enjoy it, cuz there’s a high probability that he won’t be publishing any more. Quite frankly, it’s just 19 years since the Mainstream Science on Intelligence was published in the Wall Street Journal and the majority of it’s signators are now dead. Like dead dead. The one’s who aren’t dead are in their 70’s or 80’s all well past their productive years.

In fact one does not even need look afield (and wait for their eventual mortality) to see how their heavily critiqued racialist viewpoint has lost out in modern psychology (with no small help from scientists in other fields like Anthropology/Genetics). However, fear not; you have 2-5 possible years left with Lynn/Brand/Murray/Vanhanen/Nyborg. Also, you can still read/re-read/repeat all the the old writings (dating back to Galton himself) and what not.

The future though…That’s not for you chap.

Not British, Canadian. I suppose my use of racialist is to highlight a difference for those who advocate old pernicious racial tropes as new and scientifically sound. Just think of it as “race-ology” and practitioners and “race-ologists;” but yeah. There’s not a difference with them and “racists”.

It means a racist with a Ph.D.

I haven’t read any of Lynn’s books. As for the future, as the cost of genome sequencing falls the phenotypes that are consistently observed will likely be better explained. Not sure why you’d be opposed to that - genetic engineering may offer the prospect of Africa making similar development to Asia and Europe?

In terms of what psychologists think the latest survey reveals similar views to those found by Snyderman & Rothman?