Badchad has been banned

Badchad has been banned, for willfully disregarding the comments for which he was suspended back on Dec 29, 2006.

He was informed, at that point, that his use of a sig line was part of stalking and harrassing another board member; he was told to cease and desist, and the sig line was removed. He has now reinstated that sig line, which is a direct violation of the terms under which his prior admonishment was only suspension.

There are already a couple of Pit threads, so there’s no need for discussion here. As usual, we discourage discussion of those who cannot respond, so say only what you absolutely must.

Incidentally, badchad, if you read this, I did try to send you an email explaining in more detail, but it bounced back as “user unknown.”

Note to everyone else: Please, please, please keep your email up to date in your registration.