Badvertisements: When an Ad Repels Me from Its Product

I’ll complain about web ads that claim everyone is snapping up their insanely popular product. If that was really true there wouldn’t be any need for the ads.

Here’s what CharityWatch says about Kars4Kids:

Costly and Continuous Kars4Kids Ads Disguise Charity’s Real Purpose

In CharityWatch’s view, the Kars4Kids ads deceive potential donors by failing to inform them that donated cars will benefit a Jewish organization and kids of Jewish faith. Furthermore, the youth programs Kars4Kids supports promote an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle, which CharityWatch believes compounds the deception perpetrated by the Kars4Kids ads.

While supporting Orthodox Jewish organizations is a worthy endeavor for those donors who are intending to do so, many donors of other faiths may not be pleased to learn that the car they donated to Kars4Kids may have funded religious teachings that are in conflict with their own faith or personal beliefs. … Moreover, many secular Jews are not enthusiastic about funding Orthodox organizations…

Any commercial that preys on people’s ignorance, e.g. Liberty Mutual.

At first, I thought it was a typo that was supposed to be “USB.”

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I find it hard to believe that a message board with ten billion different ways of saying Donald Trump finds U2B completely inscrutable.

For awhile, we watched The Good Place on NBC’s website, and their algorithm pegged my wife and me as desperately in need of all sorts of medications. The ads–with their long, graphic, and thoroughly horrifying enumerations of the possible side effects of the medication–mainly had the effect of encouraging me to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that I would never ever have to touch these medications.

I can see a difference. Some ads are annoying, but don’t really say much about the product. And some ads aren’t exactly annoying, but still sell you on avoiding the product.

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Before the 2015 Canadian federal election, the Conservative party repeatedly aired a radio commercial; it argued that the Liberals shouldn’t legalize cannabis for adults because kids would be able to illegally obtain marijuana. So…it should have no effect then?

I had no great love for the Liberal party at the time, but the fact that someone in the Conservative party thought this was a brilliant argument made them seem dumber in my book.

Here’s an article about Beatrice, a huge company, and their poor advertising line in the mid-80s. It basically pointed out that all of the quaint mom-and-pop looking foods that you are familiar with and love are part of a huge, faceless, multi-national company. It did not go over well.

Burger King once had a series of commercials about “Whopper Freak-Out” where the premise was security camera footage of BK customers completely losing their shit at the counter when told that BK no longer had Whoppers. All the usual low class screaming, manager-demanding, throwing trays, employee abuse and other crap you’d expect to see. It frankly made Burger King feel like such an unappealing place and its customers such trash that I stopped eating there for years. Not even as an active protest, I just felt repulsed by the place.

That fucking Imu and the rapey looking 70’s douchebag actually made me hate the color yellow.

Also, anyone shilling reverse mortgages with that fake sincerity makes my bile rise.

At first I thought it was short for youtube, but then you said “flow is interrupted by an ad for . . . wait for it . . . U2B MUSIC VIDEOS!” and I thought maybe it was a band I hadn’t heard of.

In any case, I’d highly recommend uBlock Origin and/or a pi-hole. One or the other is preventing 95% of the ads. Likely the pi-hole since the only time I get them regularly is on my phone when I’m not using a wifi connection with a pi-hole. But every once in a while one will slip though.

No, this is subtly different. That Thread is about annoying commercials, but that doesnt mean that the ads are so bad you’ll never buy that product again.

I have seen annoying ads for products I like and buy. It happens. I have no issues buy Charming TP, for example, even tho the ads are stupid.

This thread seems to be about ads that are so bad you swear off buying it.

Yeah, arguably good adverts, from the seller’s point of view, are often annoying.
I don’t want to be thinking about which soda is the best right now, but an advert has got to take some of my time and force its way into my mind. Sometimes its entertaining enough that I don’t mind, but usually not.

But this thread is talking specifically about bad adverts – an advert that has the effect of making you not want to buy the product any more.

Point taken, @Joey_P

Sonny’s Barbecue is, I think, a regional chain so I don’t know how many here would have seen it. Anyway, it starts with footage of . . .something being cut. Pork ribs, maybe(?). I can’t tell if they’re already cooked or what; they’re a weird dark pink with lots of bone showing. Something about seeing the knife separating them is really off putting. Then they show their grilled cheese (and some kind of meat) sandwich. Two slices of toast with two inches of lumpy looking cheese oozing out between them. The side dishes they show are things I would never eat( cole slaw, potato salad). Hell, even their french fries look shite (crinkle cut).

Over the years I’d thought about trying them; I like a pulled pork sandwich or even some bbq chicken. But they make everything look so gross.

I am beginning to question your dedication to barbecue. :smiley: