Bag pipes


Read some of your books in the previous century. Glad you are still around.

I like bag pipes but when they are played poorly at an officer’s funeral it adds a new layer of sadness. Also happened pre 2000


If he didn’t feel old before reading that, he sure does now! LOL!

rb67804…, Welcome to the Straight Dope. It’s customary, when starting a thread, to let us know what column or report to which you are referring, so we can all be on the same page for starters. Perhaps you are referencing this one?

As far as Cecil being around, you are about a month too late. Cecil has retired from active, published research (or so he says), although AFAIK all previous online œuvre and bot mots are still available.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess this is the column you’re talking about.

Why do they play bagpipes at police funerals?

As for Cecil, yeah, they sent him to a farm in Iowa where he can run and chase rabbits all day long.

Isn’t that the one they call “The Cornfield”?

I have seen Cecil. We need a where’s Cecil thread. Pictures if you can get them.:wink:
ETA he ain’t at no stinkin’ farm!

He likes it there. Everybody likes it. Everything is nice. Ok?

Don’t lie to the newbie.:wink: