Baggies full of water to repel flies

Has anyone heard of hanging baggies full of water around to repel flies? Seen it tried but don’t know the reasoning. “It just works” is what I hear.

It was tried in the 1700s, and didn’t work. There isn’t enough water inside the bag to knock down a fire that was big enough to burn/melt the bag open in the first place. Another tactic that was used was a barrel of water with a gunpowder charge to blow the end off of the barrel. As you can guess, that didn’t work either.

Because these things didn’t work, in 1875 a piano factory owner in New Haven, CT invented the heat activated sprinkler head. Now you have the same heat activating qualities the bag of water has, and a large water supply backing up the sprinkler heads. Works so well that to date, there have never been multiple fire deaths in a properly sprinkled building.

Wait, am I bad. Flies. Not fires. Thats what I get for reading with my glasses off (droops head and walks away).

Jeremy, only you (and possibly Tomndebb) could make a goof of that magnitude and still eradicate ignorance. The fact that those methods of fire supression were tried was unknown to me and probably others.

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My SIL was telling us about this a couple of weeks ago. Apparently it works if there is a ceiling fan running in the room. The water in the bag will display a view (reflection?) of the moving blades of the fan and the flies think that there is something moving just over the doorway and won’t come through. I suppose the water would also show any other movement in the room as well.

An interesting theory anyway.

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back to the flies…

A restaurant manager told me the bags of water were to keep birds from under the roof. The water refracts the light passing though. As a bird moves toward it, it makes it look like something is moving and the bird will veer away. This obviously will not work on birds which land in the parking lot, then fly in.

It might help. It can’t work that well or everyplace would have them.