Bah, humbug.

So my guy friend is asking his boyfriend to marry him today. Bought a nice, shiny ring, got all nervous and jittery, and everything. He’s never been in this sort of commited relationship before, he’s nervous, he thinks this guy is “The One”, etc. etc.

I mention this in passing, to my mother, and how I should phone tomorrow or the next day and see how it went.

So my mom decides in the middle of dinner to tell my 88 year old grandpa about it, thus sparking a debate about gay marriage.

Well, grandpa is 88. He has voted Conservative since about 1952. He is not pro gay marriage. Any moron with half a brain would know this; however, my mom decides that X-mas dinner is a good time to bring it up and start an arguement.

Of course, this works. Dad storms off, Brother and Sister-in-Law suddenly become very interested in their daughter’s drawing, I glare at my mother, and grandpa - deaf as a board - rambles on for about 5 minutes about how sex caused the fall of Rome, causing the other diners to eye our table with contempt.

For the love of Pete mom - WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MENTION IT TODAY?!?!?!?

grumble, grumble, grumble


Well, hell, you lifted my Christmas spirits :slight_smile:

Hi-tailed it to the living room (loud television and kid’s toys) when the “adults” got together to discuss politics, football (this is football country), military stuff, race and other such things. The house wasn’t yet on fire when we left. Dunno 'bout now, though.

Because nothing says Christmas like the thought of two Gladiators boning each other.

During Thanksgiving dinner, my sister and a guest began debating jewish/Israel/Middle East issues. I was at the table seated in a chair between them. As the conversation intensified I became less and less comfortable. Finally I said, “I will now re-enact the exodus of Israel from Egypt.” I stood up and walked away.
I can be brusque when the situation requires it. :smiley: