Bailout passes Senate 74-25

Dear Senator McCain: I was willing to overlook a quantity of shit sufficient to fill the Marianas Trench. No more. Fuck you. Go die in a fire.

What, you missed the Great Depression the first time around, and were hoping to get in on the repeat?

Obama also voted Yea.

I’m failing to see how this is McCain’s fault, or a partisan issue in the first place. In fact, if it prevents another Great Depression, I can’t see it as anything but a good thing.

But I’ll admit to being mostly ignorant to the deeper aspects of the issue, and I am willing to be educated on the subject.

I heard Barney Frank this morning on NPR, and he had a point: saying no on Monday in the House might have been advantageous politically, but what happened after that probably opened some peoples’ eyes to the fact that this is not happening in a vacuum and that a no vote has repercussions that go far beyond politics.

I suspect the Senate saw what happened and realized that they couldn’t vote it down. Now it falls upon the House to try to pass it again, and I think they will, even if Pelosi opens her yap again.

Whether you think it’s right or wrong, whether you think that these companies should fail as a result of their decisions, you have to factor in that these companies are holding the life savings of other people, and it’s not just the companies that will suffer. The House should pass this bill now.

Everyone who REALLY didn’t think this would pass raise your hand.

Shhhh! You’ll wake the OP from his blissful sleep.

Amen. When people are losing their homes, it’s time to put partisan politics aside. It’s heartening to see both sides come together for the good of the people for once.

As far as McCain’s concerned, it don’t matter diddly whether Congresses passes the bailout or not - the Prez can spend a trillion of OUR dollars all on his own.

He said it 3 separate times

From what I hear, the big difference is that most senators are not up for re-election in a few weeks.

I don’t see what this has to do with McCain or Obama, but I’m sure the partisans will find a way to spin things.

Oh, and Barney Frank is an asshole:

Here’s what he apparently said five years ago:

Maybe he is, and you are certainly allowed to hold that opinion based upon what he said in the past, but are people not allowed to re-evaluate situations?

I’m pretty sure Paladud is a conservative, and if so, he’s mad at McCain for voting yes. Obama was probably not in the picture anyway.

You’re an idiot.

Anyone who thinks the current crisis is comparable to the Great Depression is a victim of all the nonsensical media fearmongering and economic Godwinism that’s been shoved down out throats the last few months.

More homes will go. This is a top down ,not bottom up fix. This fix is to get money moving between banks. They have a lot of securities backed with risky mortgages. We will buy the bad paper. The idea that we will make out is a joke. Home prices are not close to bottoming out. It will be a couple more years before the home prices are stabilized. I doubt that we can sell the mortgages for a profit then.

I dunno - When banks stop loaning each other money, and freeze the revolving credit that most small businesses use to meet payroll, what happens next?

I believe (I could be wrong) that the last time anything comparable happened was eighty years ago.

I’d favor this bailout only if there amendments that amount to bills of attainder against every CEO involved in this debacle.

Another victory for socialism.

Isn’t the issue that people will be losing their banks’ homes, that they should have known they couldn’t afford in the first place?

Yeah - my problem with the bill that the House defeated on Monday was that it wasn’t costly enough. Needed to spew another hundred billion or so around …

Not really. I don’t think everybody gets equal anything out of this. That would be true socialism.

Oh god, no, not socialism. :rolleyes:

I’m not a fan of the bailout as written either, but an injection of cash is required.