Bailouts for everybody!

Not satisfied with political grandstanding over “the” bailout, Congress quietly passed a $25 billion bailout package for the auto industry on Tuesday- “so they can invest in green technology”.

Are you kidding me? The Big Three have been complaining about how crippling CAFE standards are for years. Does anyone really think that companies which can’t engineer a 1 mpg average increase will be able to achieve a real increase in fuel efficiency?

Oh, and while you were considering the auto bailout, THE ECONOMY IN THE PARTS OF THE COUNTRY WHICH AREN’T MICHIGAN (I hear not-Michigan is nearly half the country) WAS COLLAPSING.

I don’t see anything about an auto industry bailout in the link you posted. Do you have another one?

Ooops. Hit paste twice.

Eh, they’ll just buy the technology from the Japanese (or Chinese).

Only a small part of the auto industry is in Michigan now. There are plants making autos, and parts that go into autos, scattered in many, many states of the country. (And even some across the borders in other countries.)

The part of the auto industry that is in Michigan - ie. the US manufacturers- is the part getting bailed out. AFAIK, the Big Three still have all or nearly all of their plants in Michigan.

Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW and whichever other foreign marques have US plants aren’t getting any of this [del]handout[/del] interest-free loan.