Baja Bugs

Strangely, I woke up missing Baja Bugs even though I never had one.

I never had one, but I remember seeing them when I was a kid in the early-'70s in San Diego. There were also the stereotypical dune buggies (the ones with the fiberglass bodies), the guy across the street had a sand rail, and one guy had a yellow Mighty Mite.

I never had the desire to own one. My mom had a '66 MGB (which would eventually be given to me) and I liked sports cars.

My first car was a 1970 Bug, I installed a Bug-eye baja kit WITH A HACKSAW! (I never even bothered to paint it). I killed that car doing Handbrake slides through a muddy area in a park (I hit a concrete picnic table), I loved that POS, ugly car!.


I was once threatened with Death By Baja Bug. Long story involving tequila, Hobie-cats and the fact that I snore.