Baked bean frittata?

I’m wondering how this would taste:

Regular (B&M or Bush’s) baked beans, onion and a mild cheese baked into a frittata.

Would the sweetness of the baked beans be too much?

I’ve seen recipes using black beans, but I’m not a big fan of them.

Any ideas for a palatable recipe like this?

Sounds yummy! I’d add quite a few chopped peppers to the dish to counter-act some of the sweetness, and maybe some chopped tomatoes. If you drain the beans well, you get rid of a lot of the cloying flavor. Try Bush’s Texas Ranchero or Black Bean Fiesta.

AOh,my mom makes up a recipe using baked beans and flour tortillas and cheese…let me go find it…

I gagged a little on this one. Baked beans and omelettes? To quote Kevin Meany, “That’s just not right.” I’m just not a “sweet and eggs” guy. I’m trying to think of a possible ethnic combination-- maybe fermented beans might go well with a thick steamed omelette Japanese stylee/ Natto Tamago-yaki?