Baked beans.

Alrighty then. These are called trailer park beans. Cook up a pound of ground beef. Stir in 2 big cans of yer fave baked beans. Add 2 packages onion soup mix. BBQ sauce to taste. Accompanies anything from grilled burgers and dogs to a pig roast.

As an aside, anyone remember canned brown bread with cream cheese as an accompaniment to beans? Good stuff, that.

I do baked beans in my smoker whenever I’m cooking a pork butt for pulled pork. I soak the beans overnight, and then mix them in a large cast iron skillet with some onions, peppers, tomato sauce, and molasses and brown sugar. And a little of the BBQ sauce I’ve prepared for the pork.

When I think the butt is around 6 hours from being done, I take it out of the smoker, put the bean skillet in, and then place the rack with the pork over it. Most of the fat has already rendered out of the pork, but enough is still left to drip down into the beans while they cook. Enough that your cardiologist will shudder if you tell him that you’ve done this, but they usually do come out pretty yummy.

My bachelored-up canned beans have onion cooked in bacon grease, brown sugar, catsup, a little mustard and the fluid they are canned in is poured off.

Baked beans always remind me of Harlan Ellison’s Deal From The Bottom.

I remember brown bread with margarine on Saturday evenings as a kid.

And no, not fond memories at all.