Baker and the Beauty - US season 1

The Baker and the Beauty premiered this week. I watched the 2nd airing after the One World: Together at Home special on ABC.

Baker and the Beauty is based on the very successful hit series in Israel.

It’s unabashedly a Rom-Com and admittedly a bit far fetched. I really enjoyed the first episode. I couldn’t stop smiling and so did my wife.

It’s a much needed diversion from the grim reality that we’re all living through.

Ep 2 is Monday night, ABC 9pm.

I’m going to watch and give the series a chance. The reviews I’ve read says it gets even better in the later episodes.

You can watch Ep 1 on the ABC web site.

Preview Clip from ep 1. The on screen chemistry between these actors works.

Clip from Ep 2. Daniel’s parents. They represent the loving relationship he’s seeking. I’m already impressed with this cast and writing.

I found out this morning that seasons 1-2 of Baker and the Beauty (Israel) is free for Amazon Prime members.

The US debut episode closely followed the original series script. But the characters are written different. For example the Beauty’s PR Rep is much more threatening and sinister in the original. The Baker’s Jewish family has a completely different vibe from the Hispanic family in the US version.

Since it’s free. I’ll watch the original on Amazon. It’ll give me a better appreciation for the changes made in adapting to the US market.

Ep 2 aired tonight. I think it’s better than the pilot.

Anyone else watching?

There’s not much else on at 9 central.

TVLine: Baker and the Beauty Cancelled at ABC

I thought this was going to be about Jacob Kowalski and Queenie from ‘Fantastic Beasts’.

Now that’s a top-quality romance :slight_smile: (and Jacob’s theme* is pretty catchy too.)

  • try playing it a double speed - it’s still pleasant, but completely different. :cool:

It was a good show. Sad to see it cancelled. It may be a better fit for a smaller streaming network than a monster like ABC.