Bakers: substituting foil for parchment paper

I don’t have access to parchment paper. Well, maybe I do, but the details are in German at the import market and it’s about $10 for a s.

I do have access to foil.

So, when I make some of my breads or a pizza, first I put it on foil. Bake it in the oven. For the pizza I’m making right now, it’s a white/25% rye mix. I baked for about 10 minutes on at 250 degrees C on top of an inverted cast iron skillet. The I took out the pizza, pulled off the foil, and stuck it back on the skillet for 3 minutes. Came out pretty well with a nice browned bottom. Of course, the toppings were a little overcooked but I don’t have a killer oven to do 60 second pies and they aren’t that thin anyway.

Are there any tips and tricks for using foil on bread instead of parchment paper? I’m pretty sure it involves a partial bake, pulling the foil off so the bottom doesn’t get soggy, and then a final few minutes sans foil. Sometimes with small boule the foil kinda sticks to the edges and that’s not great. If I don’t use the foil and put the boule in a bowl, it’s too wet and spreads out. So, anyway, would appreciate any pointers.

Get a baking stone, a nonstick pizza pan, or nonstick cookie sheet. Cooking on aluminum foil is a mess. Buying the stone is preferable. Also look under the name pizza stone.

Something I don’t use but is available for baking is a silicone liner for on top of a baking sheet. Baked items don’t brown as well, but the liner is something you reuse.