bakers: what is the ideal "christmas crack" texture?

For anyone who doesn’t know, “christmas crack” is essentially a quick toffee poured over saltines (or Ritz crackers, or graham crackers, etc) and baked for a few more minutes.

I just made it for the first time. I assumed because it’s a toffee that it would be crunchy like a Heath Bar, but I would compare mine to the texture of a shortbread cookie: solid, but not exactly crunchy.

Anyway, it tastes good, so I guess it really doesn’t matter, but I am curious if this is what it’s supposed to be like.

Huh, so that’s what that’s called. Some relatives have been making it the past few years, and it’s really good, but I didn’t know the name.

Except theirs had chocolate, too.

I’ve only had this once, and it was moderately crunchy, like an airy toffee. Really delicious. I think it also had chocolate.

My niece makes it for Christmas all the time. Hers has chocolate on top too. It’s not crunchy like a Heath bar but more like what the OP described it as a cookie.

I’ve always heard them called “Cracker cookies”. Same dish- my mom makes them with chocolate and pecans on top though.

Pretty much any consistency OTHER than sticky/chewy is fine for the toffee; anything from Heath/Skor bar style crunchy, to a more buttery/crumbly texture is fine with me!

Making crack is not baking. :slight_smile: And they should be brittle.