Baking Dopers-a bread question.

I started making bread a couple of weeks ago. Ruined the first two batches by adding way too much flour during kneading.

I’ve kept to the recipe amounts since and the taste, texture, grain are fine.

The question: how long does it take for the dough to become smooth, satiny and nonsticky as all the recipes specify?

I knead for 10-15 minutes and while it becomes far less sticky, it never loses the stickiness entirely.

This is basic white/wheat bread.

Bread dough never loses all of its stickyness.

The elasticity of the dough increases as you knead, and the stickyness decreases. You should knead until the elasticity stops increasing, and the stickyness stops decreasing. 10 to 15 minutes seems like plenty of time if you’re doing it properly. Proper kneading involves stretching the dough - you should fold and turn the dough, rather than just push on it.

Thanks, I have been doing the fold and turn when kneading.

Try no-knead bread…great stuff! (assuming you like crusty bread)

I’ll have to try that.
I don’t mind the kneading, just wanted to know I was doing it right.