Baking w/Chococlate Chips

Ok, why don’t chocolate chips melt into amorphic blobs - instead of remaining as identifiable chips? My WAG: the chips do melt, but the surrounding dough helps them hold their shape until they cool, maybe?

  • Jinx

Absolutely. If you take a tray of cc cookies out of the oven and poke a chip sticking out of the surface, it will most definitely smear all over your finger.

If the chips didn’t melt, chocolate chip cookies would lose a lot of their appeal. A good chocolate chip cookie is like a gift from God.

My all-time favorite is still the Toll House recipe on the back of the Nestle package. I’m making the bar cookie version for my grandkids tonight. I’ll be a hero. :slight_smile:
Oh yeah, the chips *do]/i] melt, as mentioned above.
My mouth is watering.