Bald eagle drops deer on power lines-- is this real?

I was just watching a video on yesterday that showed eagles lifting up goats and dropping them. Yes, they can.

It’s #6 on the list.

Plus you have to factor in how much weight is lost after blood loss from injuries. Very possible.

Something that size is exacty what you would expect to find in that situation; light enough for the eagle to pick up but too heavy to get all the way back to the nest.

Only after taking crystal meth.

Wings, presumably. :wink:

Note that the eagles are not actually “lifting” the goats. In two cases the eagle drags a goat off a cliff and allows it to fall to its death. In the other the eagle retains its hold on the goat and carries it downward in a controlled glide. In none of those sequences is the eagle actually gaining altitude. The bird is not able to rise in the air with something that heavy, although it can slow and control its fall.

Ha! I saw what you did.

There was disbelief that eagles in Scotland would hunt live lambs. It is not so easily dismissed anymore.

I imagine the scene would have looked similar.

That whole article was very cool. My SO and I are almost always on the side of the birds in that sort of situation.

It’s evolution in action. In a few generations eagles are going to be routinely killing their large prey by electrocution. Be afraid.

Now there is: Trebuchet!
Run away!

The squirrels are selling illegal nuts from a nearby tree.