Eagle carries away head and fries.

It’s not a happy meal.

Remember the recent thread about birds of prey being able to carry away small dogs and such?

This eagle lifted a deer head from a landfill, and got fried in power lines.

Well, obviously the fries added extra weight, and the eagle couldn’t clear the power lines. Shouldn’t have gone for the full meal deal.

A eagle trying to cook dinner – who’d a thunk it!

Those Eagles are getting greedy. They just recently thought a paraglider looked tasty enough to try and take down.

Never mind dolphins. The Reign of Eagles is upon us.

One of my treatment plants was once shut down for a couple of days by a fighting kestrel and something like a Peregrine Falcon. They hit the power line, and it fried them both (and popped the circuit and overloaded a bunch of our equipment.)

We found them hanging on the wire, dead and instantly stiff, the talons of one still locked into the wing of the other. When the linemen got them down for us, they smelled cooked.

Sadly, I’ve just spent a half hour looking through the thousands of photos that I have of this place, and can’t find those, which puts the incident back around 2000 or 1999.

A thread enshrining this incident has already taken flight, stalled, and ker-plunked into the third, and sadly overlooked, page of MPSIMS threads.

Mods, can we have a Frankenthreading here, and keep the original one aloft a bit longer, soaring on its wings of song and bad puns? It’s a feather in your cap if you fix it so…

I hope it wasn’t Stephen Jr.