Baldness Cure

There was a study in the University of Pennsylvania that has found that another way to stimulate hair growth, at least in mice, is to wound the skin.

“The researchers made relatively large wounds on the backs of adult mice, and found that if a wound reached a certain size new hairs formed at its center, with the skin undergoing changes mimicking stages of embryonic hair-follicle development.”

Now, I don’t want to start a debate over animal testing and cruelty, so please let’s not bring up this detail, but the premise is that creating a large wound on a bald spot will spark stem cells to create hair-follicle cells.

The downside, aside from having rather unpleasant head trauma in treatment, is the hair grew back without pigmentation.

The upside, aside from laughing at somebody who has jet black hair everywhere but the top of his head, is that they are now investigating ways to simulate a wound in the head without actually wounding the skin.


On NPR, someone suggested it would be easier to strap a wounded mouse to your head to cover the bald spot…


For those really BIG bald spots… :wink:

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A link to the column you’re commenting on is appreciated. This one is Hair today, more tomorrow? How effective are treatments for baldness?

There is a small amount of evidence that the regular OTC shampoo Nizoral helps a little bit.

I‘m thinking Steve Ballmer would probably be willing to part with at least one of his billions to be known as the man who “cured” baldness。I mean he’s gotta a total fuck you attitude toward his hair and all, unlike say Michael Milkan, but still if one could cure anything that would really make you famous, then why not?

From the article:

Why is hair on the back of the head DHT-resistant? Altitude? Is DHT maybe very lightweight and rises to the top? Whuzzit?