Balkan Metal parody video

This is a funny version of a Britney Spears’ songby the Balkan Metal (although I think of it as Death Metal Polka) band “Trollfest”.

What is this style of video called? I think of it as Troll Dancing, but YouTube usually lists it as Midget Dancing. Is there a proper name for this? And, how is it done?


:confused: I might be missing something, but isn’t Norway pretty far from the ex-Yugoslavias?

Anyway, they aren’t the only troll band, there’s Finntroll. I don’t know what that effect is called but I’ve seen it before. There’s that kids game where two people pretend to be one; one is the head and feet (hands in shoes) and the other reaches though the first’s arm holes to form the arms. Well, hands.

I was wondering about the Balkan Metal tag, too. But that’s how they describe their music in an interview!?

If Eugene Hütz can call his Gypsy punk (no more than 1/4 and I don’t think the rest of the band is very gypsy), or guys named Schmidt can be in Irish rock bands, I don’t see why not.

That was astoundingly bad. Jesus.

I listened to some of their songs, and I can see the “Balkan” description fitting. There’s definitely Balkanesque influences in their sound and melody lines.