Ball Saw

I don’t think any further comment is necessary.

Ah, it saws balls AND knobs. Why didn’t you say so.

Notes insight into Tuckerfan’s Ebay search habits.

“Huh huh huh. Knob. Huh huh huh.”

I feel sorry for any Mohel that’s gotta carry that up more than one flight of stairs.

No less impressive, it’s a 100 pound ball saw!

I’ll take “Accidents Waiting to Happen” for $1600, Alex.

What I really need is something that will let me twist off nuts. Like an adjustable wrench or something.

They’re commonly known as divorce attorneys. :cool:

Maybe you could grip them by the husk.

Dances, I just pissed my pants. This is your fault! I can hardly wait til mine gets in “full swing.”