Balloon antiaircraft fire or natural hazzard?

OK, I have this bunch of balloons, see? I fill them with helium, see – bought in a canister down at the local ‘mart’ store. I tie them together, include a little plastic capsule with some sort of ‘hey! I’m here, you’re there, write me’ note and release them into the atmosphere.

They float up and up and virtually dwindle from view. Eventually, and hopefully a few hundred miles away, they will pop and the capsule will land. However, what happens if they get sucked into a jet engine and knock the thing out? What about the mess of single engine prop aircraft buzzing around like flies on cow poop? Could they hurt one of those?

Could I get my rear end in a sling if this happens? If so, how about all of those balloons released during weddings, parties, sports events and whatever? I’m curious.

Unsafe? yes, but very unlikely. But they are bad for the enviro (basicly littering)*, and the mylar ones can short out power lines. Don’t do it.

  • and animals sometimes eat them, which is bad.