Ballpark my moving costs

I’m considering a two-stage move in 2007, and I can’t seem to get a rate quote without filling out 10 forms and givving my email address. I’m hoping someone here has moved fairly recently and give me a rough guesstimate on how much trailer rental will cost.

I’d be leaving Orlando next February and moving stuff to North Carolina, putting it in storage for 6 months, then moving it from there to Chicago.

I know that rates can and will vary; hence the word “ballpark” in the title. I’m guessing it will cost between $400-1000. Can anyone narrow that down?

I’ll need a medium-sized trailer. Queen-sized bed, sofa, a dozen boxes.

Umm… why not store it directly in Chicago? For moving a one-bedroom flat, my costs were $1000.

In NC, I have free storage space, and I’m going there anyway. Chicago would involve renting a unit.