Ballpeen hammer

This is one of those things that have always bothered me. Why does the balpeen hammer have the ball on one end? Was it just used as a weight before someone decided to but a claw on the other side, or did it have some actual use to it?

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The peen has many uses in sheet metal work. It is used to shape copper & brass.To fold a hem on edges of metal is often called “peening” It’s handy for making hammered metal & Steel Band instruments…Tin knocker

The peen (n.) is the end of a hammerhead opposite the flat striking surface. A ball peen hammer has just that; a ball (or at least a rounded surface) opposite the main striking surface. The act of peening (v.) is to hammer, bend, or shape with a peen. It is often used in metalworking for indenting, moving metal (as in setting a rivet), or many other hammering tasks where the rounded head (and more precise striking point) is desired.

Please note spelling - ball peen hammer.

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