Balsamic vinegar in/on meatloaf?

Yesterday, I was watching a recorded ep of Throwdown with Bobby Flay, and the throwdown dish was meatloaf. Now, I make a pretty good meatloaf. But he did something I’d be interested in trying, wanted to see if anyone else here had any experience with it: he added a splash of balsamic vinegar to the loaf mix, and for the ‘glaze’, mixed balsamic vinegar, crushed red pepper flakes, and ketchup.

Usually, if I put any glaze at all on my meatloaf, I’ll toss a dash of Worcestershire or soy sauce, a squeeze of ketchup and some ground black pepper in a little A-1 sauce, and use that. I like my meatloaf glaze more savory than sweet, and I always serve my meatloaf with brown gravy (and mashed potatoes, of course. I think that’s a law.)

So, anyone here use balsamic vinegar in/on their meatloaf? What did you think of it?

Around here, you’d be under arrest. Meatloaf must be served with cheesy scalloped potatoes.

As for you basic question regarding balsamic vinegar in/on meatloaf. My basic meatloaf glaze if just my standard home made BBQ sauce which does include balsamic vinegar. I like balsamic and I can see how the flavors would mesh well with Flay’s recipe

My GF makes big, fat hamburgers that we eat like meatloaf, sans buns. She uses balsamic vinegar in them. Sometimes a little shredded cheddar, too.

I think it sounds fantastic!

Well, I think I see a meatloaf dinner in our near future! Unfortunately, it’s been too damned hot to turn the oven on for that long, but it’s bound to cool down soon!