Baltimore MD?

Anyone in the Baltimore area? ;j

Around 2.5 million people in the metro region.

I grew up in Baltimore, but have been gone for 9 years now. Still get back occasionally to see the family.

Welcome to the boards! :slight_smile:

If you click on (it loads a bit slowly) then hover your cursor over the smiley nearest Baltimore, you will get a little pop-up list of local Dopers.

The system shortcomings are that the people need to volunteer to be added and adding is (I believe) a manual process so that there may be some lag time. (In addition, few people who may have drifted away from the SDMB bother to ask to have their names removed.)

Still, it’s a start.

Oh, there’s a great doper community here. NYC, LA and Chicago have huge dopefests once or twice a year, but nobody gets together MORE than the Balto/DC dopers, there’s about 25 of us regulars. Welcome to the boards, look for a thread titled Balto/DC ----dopefest, they’ll be one soon, you missed our one last week where everyone helped me move. Welcome!

Yeah, the Baltimore/DC Dopers are a terrific bunch!! Get to know them and you’ll make some awesome friends!! I’ve only been to one Dopefest at Weirddave’s, but it was really cool. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a nicer, funnier, more down-to-earth bunch of people.

I’m a little further away these days, but still close enough. Charm City was my stomping grounds when I was growning up.

Actually, Tranq, wasn’t it our back yard that was your stomping grounds? I could be mistaken. I only remember about half that goes in, these days.

Another Baltimorean checking in.

Former Baltimorean (ok, Towson/Parkville) and future So Md resident (2 more years… 2 more years…)

My folks and sibs all still live in and around Balto, or up in Harford County - there’s a bunch of them.

Cool… i didnt realize there were going to be so many connected with the area…

So sorry i missed the moving party :rolleyes: haha

That too. HdG doesn’t have much of a night life, and I spent way too much time in B’mer. Inner Harbor, Druid Hill, Fells Point, and the Block, actually.