Baltimore-MN, any cool things I must not miss?

So, I was planning to go from Albuquerque to MN next week, but the plans got changed.

I am now going from Baltimore to MN next week.

Any must see attractions, amazing natural scenic spots, or really off the wall places that you know of? I am willing to meander about the countryside on the way home.

DC. If you’re in Baltimore, you’re near DC. Go to DC!

I love DC, but I was just there in May. Not sure I’ve recovered from the last time I tried to drive in DC traffic…

I’ve made that exact trip. In summer, the stretch through Wisconsin, past the Dells, was the most scenic. This time of year, I’m not sure even that will be worth seeing.

I would advise bringing some hard core music to get you through Indiana. In summer there’s a heckuva lotta corn, and in winter you won’t even have that.