Baltimore TV Station Visited by "God", Nearby School On Lockdown

A possibly armed man reportedly claiming to be God drove a landscaping truck into WMAR, Baltimore’s ABC affiliate, in Towson.

What does God need with a landscaping truck?

Landscaping truck, donkey, chariot of fire, the Big Guy chooses his means to make an entrance according to the circumstance.

I used to drive past there almost daily c. 1990-92

Update from the Baltimore Sun:

Well, locking down a religious school seems to make sense when one is looking for God…

That is exactly what I was going to post when I first saw this thread. But then I thought I might regret it if the situation turned tragic. Glad to see there’s others just as warped as I am.

Transporting arbs.

Both of you get a beer the next time you’re in Charlotte.

The station is off the air right now. We’ll see what, if anything, the local news reports at 5.

“God” is in custody. No one was hurt.

Maybe he was going to see if he could recreate the earth in 6 days.

I’m sitting outside right now in a sat truck for the CBS affiliate in DC. Quite the media clusterfuck.

At least no-one was hurt, Baltimore County is very good at dealing with this crap, and WMAR might actually gain some viewers after this (they need some - great people work there but they have been crushed for years by the competition).

Three days from now they’ll find his cell door open and only his blanket inside.

He’s getting more accurate, at least he only drove a truck through some doors rather than flooding the entire world this time.

Now that’s funny. :smiley:

It’s a mysterious way for Him to move.