Ban-Lon shirts

Are Ban-Lon shirts the same thing as polo shirts?

Ban-Lon is a synthetic fiber brand name. Polo is a style brand name.

Yes, at least all of the ones i have seen are. A polo shirt is not a shirt made by Ralph Lauren unless it is capitalized. Polo shirts are basically collared short sleeve golf or tennis shirts that do not button from top to bottom but rather from top to just short of midway to your belt buckle and are usually made of cotton but can also be made of synthetic fibers of which, banlon is/was one. Have you seen one, because I haven’t seen one in over 30 years?

No, I read a mention in a book and that reminded me.

About 45 years ago, I had a real fondness for Ban-lon shirts. Mom was reluctant to buy them for me. They were expensive, and they snagged easily. They had a luxurious feel, though, and I loved them. Now, I rarely wear any synthetic fabrics. Cotton rules.