Ban of Kgriffey79

Hi all I am posting on behalf of my friend Kgriffey79. He was banned from the SDMB a couple of weeks ago. He isn’t real sure why he was banned, but he has a good guess.
He posted a question about pharmaceutical companies. He was wondering why they do not make it unpleasant to snort abseable pills such as Oxycontin. In his post he admtted to snorting prescription drugs. He was genuinely wondering why the companies don’t prevent snorting of their drugs. he stated that many OTC pills have coatings on them , and from his experience are unpleasant to snort.
The post was deleted and he was suddenly banned. Why? There is no precedent. There are plenty of polls in IMHO that talk about drug use. Admitting drug use is not a reason to be banned. Kgriffey79 never instructed how to break the law.
Kgriffey79 post was in general questions. I am fighting for him to be reinstated as he did nothing wrong.
Thank you all for your time.

And your friend doesn’t email the mods because…?

IANAMod, but this is what I’ve gathered from a few years 'round these parts.

I’ll give the benefit of the doubt that you’re not a sock for kgriffey79.

kgriffey79 was around long enough to know that to be reinstated is to petition, via e-mail, the moderators. It’s best to let some time pass so as to cool one’s jets and make a case for reinstatement. Making such a case via IRL friends starting threads on their behalf is not the best way to do so. You’re likely doing more harm than good, coolguy230.

Mods e-mail the banned with a reason, don’t they?

What they said. Plus, and since you’re new you don’t post much you may have forgotten, this stuff doesn’t come in IMHO, it belongs in the Pit or e-mail. Just a standard policy.

Also, IMHO, Griffey whines too much and is a primadona. We should have traded him for some prospects. Maybe to the Mets.

Off to the Pit.

As with the other posters I will make the leap of faith and assume you are not a sock. :dubious:

That being said, if he is “snorting” prescription drugs, he has a much bigger fucking problem then being banned from a message board. If you are his friend, as you claim, maybe you should work on that issue first, prior to worrying about this one.

Also, as stated above, try emailing the mods next time.

All right! SHIT! FUCK! DAMN!

If your friend is snorting Oxycontin, he really needs to stop. It is very bad when its time-release feature is defeated.

He won’t find an answer as to why Oxycontin doesn’t add a feature to negate its effects if crushed, as that is a question that is still the subject of litigation the last I heard.

Emailing the administrators will usually get SOME results…an explanation, probably, but unbanning is not guaranteed at all.

Having a friend start a thread about the banning usually results in drastically lowering the chances of unbanning.

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Well, I tell you what, all those people making comment about socking, if this guy is a sock, he planned it well, creating a name well over a year ago, in preparation. Sheesh, give this guy a break.


What has he been doing for over a year? certainly not posting, with 5 posts. It could be that a person created two names at once, in anticipation of being banned one day. Just a suggestion.

Not too likely, though, IMO. But I didn’t even notice his registration date.

And to clear the record, I meant no sarcasm when I said “I’ll give the benefit of the doubt that you’re not a sock.” I said it because the topic would inevitably come up, and I wanted to head it off.

Sometimes. I generally don’t, as I only ban regular posters after they’ve had a warning or two. Spammers and returning socks don’t get ANY warnings whatsoever. I figure that in each case, the offending party KNOWS why s/he’s been banned.

And in this case, it turns out that kgriffey79 didn’t HAVE a working email address. Apparently, one of the mods wrote to the address in his profile, and the email bounced. We do require that members keep a working email address in their profile.


Pardon my stupidity, but what is a sock? (And please don’t give me some smartass answer…“duh, something you put on your foot.”) haha Thank you. :slight_smile:

How do you know there is no precedent, if his post was deleted and he was suddenly banned?

In fact, lots of people have been banned for posts that were for some reason objectionable but usually allowed. Any time you post something related to ongoing litigation or something illegal, even if you are merely asking for help or an honest question, you risk being banned and having your post deleted so nobody ever finds out why.

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