Ban the bastard

One man’s opinion.


I dunno. Now I can win the most pit threads started about a non mod in shortest period of time prize.

Duely noted. Give it some time. One of our administrators is bound to finish the pork butts and taters soon enough. They’ll come online, see this mess and my e-mails, and all will be fine. Not to worry.

Whoopee, for a while I had my own pit thread, albeit one by an idiot.

You are a sissy, and a jerk, Coldfire.

Thank you, my good man.

Last post was directed, of course, to Clogboy.

And I forgot. Putz.

All this so you could rag someone about posting on Roxexes being overpriced?

That makes you a putz by definition.

Compare Pit’s comments to his earlier one’s “Is that the best you can do, this is the pit little one”.

It makes me giggle.

Still clicking refresh and laughing my ass off from the aftershocks of the Pit Meister. Of course, not being a moderator, I don’t have to deal with the mess.

I guess masochism is therapy for some people. Personally, I prefer it to come from a hot looking dominatrix.

giggling myself.

Hey Cold- if you ain’t pissed at me from a couple weekends ago, could I change my name to

‘little one’? :D:D

Glad to be an evening’s entertainment.
This place was getting too stale.

Please stick to the OP

Gee, I remember when Mr. Meister first joined the boards… my first thought was “Hey, here’s a short-lived screen name…”

Congrats, Mr. Meister, for winning El Diddly’s “Flash-in-the-Pan” award.

PM: Do not reproduce.


don’t- if he’s not banned yet, he’ll probably come back to flame you-
and it’ll start out
‘You jerky poopy head, you’re not the boss of me- I can do math any time I want to…’


Sorry, I just wanted to get in on this.

[sub]Wow, my first real “Me, too” post, and it’s in the Pit, no less.[/sub]

So, what’s the deal, PM, you decide it was taking to long to get your ass bounced so you figured you make a run for the border? Speed things up a little? A lot?

Well, knock yourself out. No really, run into a wall headfirst. Fall off the back of your couch. Throw yourself down a flight of stairs. Use that mini-trampoline in the living room and don’t dunk near the ceiling. Please.

Fuck fuck fuck! So close.

“…and don’t dunk near the ceiling.” should of course be “…and don’t duck near the ceiling.”

[sub]This is, of course, why I don’t do “Me, too” posts[/sub]

See, I knew that I must have missed something the first time I visited this thread. Then I take a real look at the BBQ pit and it dawned on me what you guys mean.

So I’m a little slow…