Band Hero N00b - Any Tips?

We got Band Hero for the PS2 about a month ago, and I’m really enjoying playing the guitar, but I have some questions about getting started with it. One of the things I’m wondering about is finger placement on the coloured buttons (the strings?) - there are five of them and I have four fingers. I’d like to start off by placing my fingers on them correctly and building up the correct muscle memory, rather than starting off wrong and having to re-learn as my skill builds and I start using all of the colours.

Any other tips for someone just starting to play the game that you wish someone had told you way back when?

Frets or fret buttons, not strings.

I play now with my hand in two positions, first finger on green or red. I almost never slide over to first finger on yellow. Part of the fun (for me) on Hard or Expert is learning when to shift your hand position in each song. Often an earlier shift than necessary gets your hand in the right position for a harder stretch a little later.

On Easy, I always just had my first finger in the green position, and the same on medium. Thinking back, when you’re on medium, I’d recommend playing sometimes with your first finger on red, when the notes allow it, so you get practice shifting your hand position before going up to Hard. I never thought to do that at the time.

Moving from Medium to Hard was the most difficult transition for me, because of the combination of one more button, having to shift my hand, and a faster track speed.

There’s probably a cheat you can unlock to speed up the note track, so you could get used to a faster speed while playing Medium, before moving to Hard.

I wondered about keeping my middle finger on the yellow fret because that’s the one with the indicator bump on it, and just going up and down from there.

Oh, I forgot my other question - my husband says that you only play real guitars with three fingers on the frets - does that apply at all to Band Hero guitar, or do you play with all four fingers?

I don’t know where he gets that from…real guitarists fret with all four fingers - and sometimes even the thumb.

I use all four fingers. I think it would be harder to try to play using only three fingers.

I do tend to have my middle finger on the yellow button as my “home” position, since I find it easier to move left a fret.

Hmm, I guess that’s what I get for taking a drummer’s advice on playing the guitar. :slight_smile: