Band Name Game

I came up with a game (that’s probably been invented before) where you try to concatenate band names to make the longest string possible.

For example - I came up with Soul Wax Tailor Swift, which is a combination of Soulwax, Wax Tailor, and Taylor Swift. After a bit of googling I expanded it to Jagged Edge of Paradise Lost Soul Wax Tailor Swift, but I haven’t actually heard of Jagged Edge, Edge of Paradise, or Paradise Lost pre-googling.

I’m having trouble coming up with more than two at a time at the moment.
U2 Live Crew. Mercury Rev Horton Heat. (Thats a bit of cheating with no period after Rev for Reverend.) I’ll have to keep thinking. :wink:

Beastie Boys Against Girls. Lifehouse of Love And Rockets. (Lifehouse, House of Love, Love And Rockets.)

OK, it’s “The” House of Love. :wink:

The Blind Boys of Alabama Shakes. (The Blind Boys of Alabama , Alabama, Alabama Shakes.)
The Blind Boys of Alabama Three Dog Night. (The Blind Boys of Alabama, Alabama, Alabama Three, Three Dog Night.) :wink:

NickelBackstreet Boyz II Men Without Hats (Nickelback, Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, Men Without Hats).

Does that count?

If this mooted “supergroup” ever got together, their music would surely reach new levels of suck.

Ten Years After The Burial Hex On Wheels Of Fire & Salt-N-Pepa Knight Action League of Pain of Salvation Street to Nowhere Man or Astro-man?

Ten Years After
After The Burial
Burial Hex
Hex On Wheels
Wheels Of Fire
Fire & Salt
Pepa Knight
Knight Action
Action League
League of Pain
Pain of Salvation
Salvation Street
Street to Nowhere
Nowhere Man
Man or Astro-man?

What’s wrong with the “Safety Dance”? :wink:

The Flying Burrito Brothers Johnson, Robert (I’m asking the judges to waive the comma)
Elvis Costello! No, wait…

Tried to stick to well-known bands. I wouldn’t mind hearing actual mashups of some of the shorter ones.

1+1 combos:
The Grateful Dead Kennedys
Eagle Eye Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
Warren G. Love and Special Sauce
Seven Mary Three Dog Night
Widespread Panic! At the Disco
Blind Faith Hill
Grant Lee Buffalo Springfield
Tony! Toni! Toné! Bennett

Living Colour Me Badd Company

The Crystal Method Man or Astro-Man?fred Mann’s Earth Band

The Crystal Method
Method Man
Man or Astro-Man? (borrowed from Snowboarder Bo)

Nothing… nothing at all…

The The Crystal Method Man or Astro-Man?fred Mann’s Earth Band

The The is a freebie. :smiley:


The Negro Prob Lemmy Chemical Romance

Mr. Mister Big Country Joe and the Fish

Sly and the Family Stone Temple Pilots

String of 8:
Living Colo(u)r Me Bad(d)ly Drawn Boy George Michael Jackson Five Stairsteps

Living Colour
Colo(u)r Me Badd
Bad(d)ly Drawn Boy
Boy George
George Michael
Michael Jackson
Jackson Five
Five Stairsteps

I had to recycle some earlier stuff, sorry.

Mr. Mister Big Country Joe and the Fishbone Thugs-n-Harmony

No, I don’t have work today. Why do you ask?

Mr. Mister Big Country Joe and the Fishbone Thugs-n-Harmo-NY Dolls. (The first page for “Dolls of” band returns Dolls of Disaster, Dolls of Ink, and Dolls of Pain, but that’s really cheating since I’ve never heard of them. And I also don’t feel like stretching for Dollsy Parton)

I’d pay to see that!

Rand McNally:


What? :wink: